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Project Autism Canada is a non-profit grassroots organization that provides FREE community programs to individuals living with disabilities, and their families. A place where you are celebrated for your abilities and encouraged to grow into a confident, engaged member of the community. 

Kids in Technology Class

Community helping community.


Since our inception, our focus is, and always has been, inclusivity for the children and young adults we serve, no matter the label. We are made up of families, friends and supporters dedicated to increasing public awareness through education, advocacy and support.

More than 15,625 individuals living with disabilities have participated in PA’s programs, and we have offered more than 1,204 FREE programs, to the families with children and young adults with autism and other disabilities

It takes a village.


Project Autism is 100 percent volunteer-run and we strive to constantly create new partnerships with local businesses, organizations and individuals to build a better and more understanding autism community. 


It is through our dedicated and caring volunteers that our FREE programs are possible in our communities. With more amazing virtual classes and social opportunities than ever!

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