Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I still don't get it. What exactly is Project Autism?

Project Autism is a Grassroots Community. Made up of volunteers - parents, friends, and community members that donate their time to coordinate, organize and execute 100% FREE programs for families of all abilities. 


​Our programs are created by community coordinators and supported by the volunteers in that area. Can't find a program you like? Become an instructor and host your own virtual classes!

Q: How do I sign up for programs?

To be notified of all our amazing community virtual programs, workshops and classes join the Project Autism family by clicking Register Now

Q: Do I need to sign up to attend a program?

Yes! It is very important that we are aware of each and every community member that will be joining our programs to make sure we have the appropriate supplies, volunteers and instructors and are able to deliver the information you need to join our virtual programs. 

Q: How can I get involved?

We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers that share the same passion for making the world a more inclusive and accessible place for everyone. Become an instructor - You can teach a virtual class, host a virtual social event or be a virtual guest speaker. 


Don’t have any experience teaching? No problem! Our amazing community coordinators will help you get set up and feel confident in your abilities.

Q: How much are the programs?

As a grassroots organization, our programs are 100% Free. Project Autism does not charge families for any Project Autism run program, class, social event, or workshop.


Any programs available to families from outside businesses or sources will have their own associated cost. This is not determined by Project Autism nor do we receive any monetary compensation.

Q: If my child, youth or adult participant needs 1 on 1 care, do I need to stay or provide that myself?

Yes! If your child, youth or adult participant requires 1 on 1 care, you will need to be involved as a parent. Our PA virtual classes and events are community programs run solely by volunteers. 


We encourage communities to work together and be involved, giving equal opportunities to every individual.