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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - March 2021

After a lively meet and greet, our HYDAC meeting took off on time.

Ms. Lisa took the floor, sharing the launch of Milton libraries sensory boxes. Ms. Lisa reported that the boxes are being distributed to all libraries in Milton and Families have already begun asking for the sensory boxes.

Each are filled with a variety of sensory tools, toys and games to soothe and stimulate senses. These boxes are such a valuable asset for those who have sensory needs.

A special guest joined our HYDAC meeting last night! Ms. Christine brings a wonderful organic perspective to learning that our community loves. Last night she spoke about spring in Canada - maple syrup being a part of indigenous spring activities. Many Indigenous communities continue to hold knowledge about the location of the best trees to tap, when to start tapping, and other crucial parts of the maple syrup making process. And maple syrup harvest is still deeply connected to ceremonies and the culture within many Indigenous communities. We had lots to learn and loved the fun stories. As you know building relationships with the elders in the larger community is very important to our youth council and yesterday Maddison reported that she dropped off a whole box of DVD’s for the centre near her house. It’s about recognizing the loneliness that many seniors live with. Thank you Maddison. As a council we want to set up encourage everyone to participate. Did you know that the Milton library has a senior outreach series? Plus, did you know that there is a section that encourages community to come together, share the joy of making art, write letters and poetry for our seniors. Next on the agenda. ‘The numbers of Animals up for adoption is rising as people are going back to work, changing their routines.’ This is a big concern for the council as all of them love animals deeply. What can we do? - Ms Mary Rose will reach out to the SPCA and ask what we can do to help. - Create more conversations and awareness opportunities - Discuss the responsibilities of owning a pet - Work together to make the world a better place


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