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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - May 2020

Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council - It was wonderful to see all everyone happy and healthy. special thanks to Ms Lisa Portelli from Milton Public Library for setting up our zoom meeting.

We have a jam packed agenda. Ms. Lisa from the Milton Public Library started with a follow up of the senior friendship program called ‘Grandpals’.

The library has collected over 90 pieces of art, poetry and letters from youth that have been printed and sent to Birkdale senior centre to bring joy and happiness to the seniors residing there. She also got permission from our crew to send them to other senior Milton residents. “Send them to as many as possible!” Was the consensus.The Town of Oakville offered a similar program called ‘Message in a bottle’ and our HYDAC crew participated in that as well sending lots and lots of pictures and poetry to help fill the bottles with positive messages of hope and happiness - GO HYDAC GO! Being home for close to two months has been hard for many of our youth. Many miss the patterns of routines, friends and familiarity. So yesterday during our mental health check our crew opened up and shared how they truly feel. “Mental health week is an important part of our meeting. It’s a reminder to all families to do a check in, talk about feelings, fears, and anxiety.” Says Ms. Judith “let everyone express their emotions. It’s healthy.” For national youth week we spoke about environment. Even though we are at home and in our neighbourhoods we can still do something for our planet. *Maddison and Elaine noticed that the Milton library that is close to them has garbage in the lawns and together these two will pack gloves and pick it up. Thank you guys! *Aiden spoke about reusing vegetable scraps. Regrowing our foods. Instead of throwing celery, romain lettuce, bok choi, carrots, green onions ends into the compost. Try to regrow then in water and replant then into the garden.

Voices were strong, with lots of humour, tears and inspiring hope, it was wonderful to see our youth members so passionate about life.


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