Hear what our Project Autism families have to say about the impact of our community-driven programs, virtual classes and opportunities!

Dee and Melanie

For the past 18 weeks, my 22 yr old daughter has been participating in a wide variety of on-line programming hosted by Project Autism!

I simply cannot express enough how wonderful this program and all of the staff volunteers are!

They create unique classes each week that keep my daughter entertained and happy which has been a blessing during this quarantine! She looks forward to each online class with much enthusiasm and anticipation.

She has learned so many new skills/interests and has a acquired lasting friendships along the way!

We are proud supporters of this wonderful program and feel blessed to be part of such a caring, dedicated community!

Tia and Jeff

Project Autism has and continues to provide unprecedented, quality live virtual programming six days a week to the community during the COVID crisis. Classes cover a wide variety of topics for learners of all ages -crafts, cooking, coding, drumming, art, gardening, photography, ecology, dance, social and communication skills to name a few.  There is something for everyone.


Volunteers from the community are the instructors. They teach these classes at no cost to participants.  By attending virtual classes every day, my adult brother has learned to participate and practice using Zoom. 


It took a little while to build confidence and skill but his efforts were well worth it when one day he had to use Zoom to do a medical appointment with his doctor.  The appointment went off effortlessly all thanks to the skills he learned through project Autism online virtual learning.”


I would like to send a note of thanks and appreciation for all of the hard work that was involved in setting up the Project Autism Online classes. The dedication of you and all of the PA instructors who have been involved and volunteered to keep our family minds busy and happy.


We have been participating in online classes from the beginning. I struggled in how to keep Peter and Claudia occupied and focus during this unprecedented time. The classes helped my family to create a structure timetable and anticipation of what will happen during the day.

It provided a break and excitement when we were trying to navigate through distance learning and now during the summer, where there are limited things to do to occupy their time, in a safe environment. Both of my children have participated in the classes and are constantly asking what adventure we will be going on next. I have seen how they have grown mentally, intellectually and creatively. And most importantly socially.


These classes provided a sense of community and belonging in this challenging time. Being able to connect with others during these trying times is a blessing.


With the variety of classes and topics that are covered, it helps stimulate their minds and bodies.


Again, a big thank you for all of your hard work and gratitude to all the time spent in creating this amazing community, where we all unite and meet.


I cannot express the appreciation and how grateful we are that we are a part of this.


Project Autism made a big difference for our son, I see him comfortable engaging and calm during the program, it also gives him self respect and belonging that we couldn't see in some regular day program and even school,  project Autism has made a big difference in our community, I have seen efforts and consistency with the pure goal to build and serve the community in all kind of activities, this consistency and restless effort is something that we need to keep alive as our kids feel it more than us and benefit from it.

We need to be engaged and help this program to grow as it is an efficient bridge that the community needs. 


As a parent of an autistic kid, I am impressed by the number of skills and creativity with the heart that our community needs.

Craig and Theresa 

We are writing to thank Project Autism for all of the amazing work being done to educate, entertain, intrigue, enlighten, and otherwise occupy our son, Logan, during these months of Pandemic lock-down. Project Autism offers so many different and varied online classes, all of which are very hands-on, that allow Logan to safely connect with other youth with autism. Classes such as those offered through the iCan programme, including Music, Science, Cooking with Jenna, Art with Aiden, Photography, and Minecraft Coding, are all welcome online experiences that break up the monotony of Logan’s days in lock-down while we work. They offer rich experiences that entertain Logan while increasing his knowledge and teaching him skills. He enjoys engaging in the Tuesday Youth Game Challenge and the Youth Community Chat. And the Communi-Qi—Qigong with Patrick is helping Logan stay fit while teaching him calming meditation techniques.

Logan turned 18 this year, and so aged out of the Special Services at Home funding that we have previously relied on to help keep him active. He was also turned down for Developmental Services Ontario funding. This makes these free classes from Project Autism all the more important for Logan and a lifesaver for our family. We look forward to a time when Logan will be able to meet in person all of the wonderful youth and volunteers that he has, until now, only been able to connect with online and participate fully in all of the incredible activities offered by Project Autism.

We’d like to take this opportunity to especially thank Ms Judith, Ms Jenna, Patrick, Aiden, Pritpal, Christine, and all of the parents, teaching assistants, and volunteers who are working so selflessly to give Logan the enjoyable, educational opportunities that we are just not able to give him by ourselves. Thank you for all that you are doing and please keep up the great work.