Learning never stops!

Our number one priority is keeping our community safe while never stopping our learning. Our virtual classes are fully accessible to PALs (Project Autism Learners) all around the world.

Project Autism virtual classes are taught by community members. These vibrant and engaging classes cover a wide variety of topics to get your mind soaring. 

  • iCAN Discover

    Ms. Judith and Aiden always make learning fun! iCAN Discover classes allow Project Autism learners to create and explore new topics through hands-on activities. From tornadoes to solar energy ovens, this class has everything!

  • Wake up with Ms. Erin

    Wake Up with Ms. Erin is the perfect way to start your day! This early morning class motivates our Project Autism Learners with a morning cheer and energizes its viewers to wake up with a positive attitude and get started with the day!

  • Art with Aiden

    Each week they learn a new style with our teen artist, Aiden Lee. The class is an interactive experience where participants learn to build their own art journal portfolios. Share in the joy of colour, expression and technique and experience the joy of art!

  • Music

    Djembe, hand tin drums shakers, bells, tins, triangles, clave, and bongos make up our virtual music class. Children, adults, and families sing, laugh, play, and celebrate with us. This music therapy class is loud, boisterous, and fun!

  • iCAN Bake

    Cakes, cookies, and pies, oh my! Project Autism learners follow a new recipe each week -  challenging them to try out new baking techniques and encouraging them to bake alongside Ms. Jenna!

  • Crafting with Ms. Christine

    Ms. Christine leads this fun with paper, glue, glass, balloons, buttons, and more. Our instructor is a talented member of our community who believes in the healing component of working with your hands to create something beautiful.

  • Communi-Qi

    Communi- Qi is our moving meditation virtual healing/breathing PA program. The design of this series of classes is to teach our families how to still the mind, relax the body, breathe deeply, and learn how to become one with your environment. ​

  • Math Refresher

    Students explore numbers, patterns, simple addition, and subtraction, as well as multiplication division and fractions. Learn about the role that numbers play in our day-to-day lives, and gain an appreciation for maths as a tool to encourage imagination!

  • Photography

    This is an introductory level course to the art of photography. Mr. Pritpal leads PALs through different components of photography -  from lighting, staging to aperture.

  • iCAN Dance

    PALs are lucky to have the opportunity to Discover both Ballet and Salsa. During these classes, participants get moving, learn about the power of movement, from the soothing sounds of the orchestra to what shoes ballet dancers wear!

  • Coffee, Craft & Chat

    This parent-focused class is your chance to take a load off, meet new friends, create an up-cycled project, or a craft along with others while enjoying a cup of coffee, & zoom chat.

  • Family Game Night

    This class is a great way for our families to come together in a virtual environment and social distance play games together! Ms. Erin leads us through fun games of brackets, encouraging participants to work on their typing skills while socializing and having a blast!


Coming Up

Check out the Project Autism community programs and virtual classes that are coming up this month.

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