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Making a difference in our communities and Halton region

What is HYDAC?

Our youth advisory council is made up of youth and adults of all ages and all abilities. We believe in equity and inclusion.  Everyone deserves to have a voice so that way we can make a difference in our communities and Halton Region.


Our goal is to empower our youth to have a voice, to influence to encourage participation, and build awareness and acceptance. Individually, we each have something important to offer and as a group, we can learn and grow. Create positive change that benefits everyone around us.

Made up of young people of ALL abilities


Joining HYDAC  can provide a sense of community, support, and empowerment for individuals with disabilities.


It can also offer opportunities for advocacy, leadership development, and education about disability rights and issues. Being part of a group can help individuals feel more confident in expressing their needs and advocating for themselves and others.


Additionally, it can provide a platform for creating positive change and promoting greater inclusion and accessibility in society.

Virtual Conference
HYDAC Meetings

The Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council meets once a month for a 60-minute virtual meeting. During meetings, participants discuss issues affecting individuals with disabilities and work together to create positive change.


This may involve sharing personal experiences, brainstorming solutions, and developing action plans. To create positive change, it is important to focus on specific issues, set achievable goals, and work collaboratively with others who share the same passion for advocacy.


It is essential to amplify the voices of those directly affected by the issue and to engage with decision-makers and government officials to ensure that their perspectives are heard and considered.

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