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Our Story

Who is the Super Ability Crew?

Super Ability Crew is an organization comprised of youth and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

We are a grassroots and youth movement, that sees the importance of disrupting damaging stereotypes and discriminatory narratives. 

Super Ability Crew are all about self governing, empowering, and motivating community.
We are comprised of talented youth/adult members who are living with disabilities, and special needs and want to make the world a more inclusive place.

Self-knowledge, the first step towards advocating for oneself.  Together we can uncover strengths, challenges, values, and interests.

The Super Ability Crew members also act in an advocacy role, always ready to provide new ideas, concepts, and views to governing community bodies.

Joining the SUPER ABILITY CREW has to be 100% your choice.


No one can sign up for you because we are a self governing group.

And when you become part of the crew, you won't just join programs but instead also contribute, choose what you want to learn, discover and do. We are a creative crew.

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