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Project Autism

Made for the community by the community.

You have the power to make a difference.

Since our inception in 2012, we have always prioritized inclusivity for the children and young adults we serve, regardless of label. We set out to motivate families, friends, and supporters to devote themselves to raising public awareness through education, advocacy, and support.


At Project Autism we believe in community helping community and encourage you to go forth and share your talents, to inspire those around you, and to dream big.

Community helping community


We are so proud to say that PA's programs have influenced over 30,000 individuals with disabilities, and we have provided over 3,200 FREE programs, virtual classes, workplace preparation, guest speakers and social opportunities for the community. 

Boy Playing with Blocks
Online Class
Our volunteers are all heart


Our success has been due to the steadfast dedication of our caring volunteers that have collectively donated over 45,000 hours of their time to create opportunities and inspire our communities. 

What people say

My daughter has learned so many new skills/interests and has acquired lasting friendships along the way! We are proud supporters of this wonderful program and feel blessed to be part of such a caring, dedicated community!

These classes provided a sense of community and belonging in this challenging time. Being able to connect with others during these trying times is a blessing. With the variety of classes and topics that are covered, it helps stimulate their minds and bodies.

Project Autism made a big difference for our son, I see him comfortable, engaging and calm during the program, it also gives him self-respect and belonging that we couldn't see in some regular day programs.

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