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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - June 2022

Yesterday, we had the perfect opportunity, as Ms Emma Lupinacci - teen services librarian for Milton library, joined us as a special guest and also to be a sounding board for a new summer initiative.

We love our Milton Public Library- and this year they are offering an inclusive summer STEAM learning program (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math, Part of the Urban Libraries) ​Learn more --> Here The program was designed by students to be fully inclusive, it sounds absolutely amazing. HYDAC focuses is that our our council members act in an advisory capacity, and provide advice on issues of concern to youth and young adults in community. HYDAC council members offered feedback on the STEAM lesson plans that were created by the students for participants in Milton. Everyone had the opportunity to add their thoughts, voice their suggestions and ideas. This meeting was 100% successful, with lots of ongoing conversation, and innovative thinking that Ms Emma can utilize. It’s the awareness that this panel of amazing young people can offer different theories and experiences that will benefit everyone in our communities. Another positive that our HYDAC council celebrated was that the Sensory packs that they helped set in place in 2019 would be available to all participants who visit Milton libraries. So please ask for them when you go.

HYDAC voices were heard loud and clear, fresh ideas were accepted and appreciated, giving our crew a sense of acceptance and respect.


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