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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - March 2022

Last night after meet and greet our crews all got together to talk about the success of our painting for peace workshop that we hosted on the 14th of March. Our goal was to inspire our youth and families to embrace peace. To encourage unity, acceptance and love. Thank all council members who dedicated time and effort for this important event. It was a total success.

Our special guest for the evening was Ms Karen Timm. She is an educator, a principal of a school, a creator, a speaker/ motivator, change-maker, and community leader.

She is a part of The Neurodivergent Infinity Network of Educators (NINE) We learned so much. From the importance of encouraging communication of all types in our world - mouth speak, use a communication board, sign language, text and much more. We also spoke of the importance of continued effort to raise awareness to support our community members.

  • Building support

  • Awareness

  • Connecting/belonging

  • Diversity

​Ms Karen also told us about the first international event that the NINE - Neurodivergent Infinity Network of Educators and they are hosting the 2022 Intersectional Infinity Summit.

The summit offers a number of diverse international and local Autistic and otherwise Neurodivergent advocates, educators and all around excellent humans! Everyone is welcomed and invited to this free event running between March 27th - April 2nd!


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