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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - May 2023

Held virtually, bringing youth and adults of all abilities together.

Meeting will open at 6:50 and HYDAC members connected and shared what they have been up-to. Chatting and discussing about things that have been happening in their lives.

Zoom meeting screen capture of HYDAC Meeting for the month of May

HYDAC Icebreaker

Aiden Lee (communications officer) hosted a fun game of guessing where we were in the world.

World Environment Day · June 05

Talking about environment. The importance of pollinators in our world and how the council members are prepping their own gardens to help build the green highway.

Update on the community garden and all the growth from Jeffrey who explained that the chosen shape of the garden this year is a spiral to attract pollinators as well as being a sense of calmness to our world.

Supporting David Suzuki Butterflyway program.

Summer fun!

The crew tackled summer ideas and they have lots of ideas to share.

  • BBQ - summer fun

  • Relaxing after a busy winter

  • Exploring Toronto, lots to learn and see

  • Vacation vacation vacation

  • Horseback riding

  • Movies

  • Mall window shopping

  • Learning how to play a new instrument

  • Ziplining

  • Laser tag

  • Picnics

  • Water fights

  • Swimming

  • Music jams

Community Discussion

What would you like to bring to the table? Anything you have noticed in the community, anything bothering you? Issues and concerns.

Let’s discuss.

Jude. Crosswalk - visually impaired, audiovisual aids are necessary in all towns.

Sierra. More programs that are inclusive for all abilities

Aiden. Bathrooms with family access for adults who need help.

Puneet. More visual signs to explain rules at sports complex, swimming pools, parks.

Kevin. Parks for wheelchair access and adult swings

We need to stand together and request that all municipalities become accessible for everyone.


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