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A Night of Peace - Paint Nite and Live Music Event

March 14th, HYDAC - Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council hosted a night about love peace, hope for the beautiful country of Ukraine.

Our artists were ready to tart with the Colours of the Ukrainian flag - blue skies and golden sunflower fields. "The giant sunflower has tons of seeds to start re-building, and strengthening respect and love." says our artist, Aiden Lee ​Nibras offered a few amazing podcasts that inspire and motivate love, inclusion and togetherness. 1. Peace and love by Liam Rosay 2. Integrating the Integrity Game - Jeff Klubeck Books that he suggested we all read is World Peace: The Voice of a Mountain Bird by Amit Ray and Banani Ray The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace by Brent Hunter

Joshua brought us a good news story that warmed our hearts He highlighted the kindness and compassion in our human spirit. Puneet showed us her bracelets of peace that she is making to encourage people to be kind to one another.

Our artist for the evening was Aiden Lee who spoke about Peace building, strengthening and restoring our world. In truth he said, ‘War and violence has never provided a solution for conflict, instead it only brings pain, suffering, loss, destruction, and hatred. So why?’ Powerful words to conclude a beautiful evening.


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