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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - April 2022


“Over the past months we as a youth council have been focused on self growth, how to be changemakers in our communities, have open minds for positive Learning, and of course advocating for what we believe in. Our inner strength is reflected in our every day activities, our kindness and our compassion is in how we treat others.” - Aiden Lee

Environment is important to our crew - Earth Day is everyday is our motto! Environmental work is our summer goal!! You guys know that - Trees not only cool things down (collectively, they can help decrease our city’s temperature by up to 10 degrees) but they also clean the air and give off more oxygen, among a ton of other benefits. How many trees do you think it takes to produce enough oxygen for one person? The conversation on environment was filled with action and our crews all had lots to add. Nibras brought up the importance of looking alternatives to plastic production, and when we find solutions - the importance of supporting those innovative ideas. We as a community need to be the voice of change. Aiden encouraged everyone to plant your own fruits and veggies which will benefit not only our health, but also we need to remember that such a simple act would reduce the amount of fossil fuel emissions by not having to transport the food to stores. Puneet encouraged everyone to join her in seeding, and joining the community plant exchange coming up. This will help families who cannot afford to buy different plants and also encourage people to try growing their own food. Community garden is open again on May 1st - Ms Judith asked for volunteers to help tend the garden. She hopes to see everyone come out and participate this season. Enjoy the planting, maintaining and harvesting process - Be a part of the solution.

NEW member joined the team. - Gabriel has joined. Many of the crew know Gabriel as an amazing drummer!! And also an excellent photographer. Everyone was so glad to add his voice to the council crew. Community issues and concerns is the final discussion. PROBLEM -Bus scheduled pickups and drop offs. Using public transportation is important especially in our community, especially if we are focusing on environment - but one thing that we seem to hear consistently is that bus schedules are too lengthy. Trying to get to work or around town can be difficult and delayed. Many try the bus routes but what should take (15 minutes) could sometimes take more than one hour and thus forces people to drive, using fuel and not wanting to take the bus and puts seniors in jeopardy of not being connected and being housebound. SOLUTION - crew have voted on writing letters to bring the issue into the light to the Oakville, Milton and Burlington bus transit. PROBLEM - escalating numbers for Suicide and feeling disconnected Our crews discussed the importance of being socially connected. Having positive relationships. We recognize that it’s “considered a fundamental human need,” we has human beings are social creatures and over the past two years our stress levels have elevated. One thing that the crew are worried about is the talk of unhappiness and loneliness. Did you know that there are studies that confirm that connection to others enables us to battle diseases, thrive and survive. People who take part in meaningful, productive and social activities have a strong sense of purpose and can maintain mood swings. SOLUTION - To stay connected and promote health and well-being our crew will be hosting another - community Paint night in may - this is a FREE event for all ages to encourage happiness and belonging. Community engagement.


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