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HYDAC Meeting -December 2022

Today was the last Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council meeting for the year 2022.

It was amazing to go through all of the HYDAC accomplishments for the year. Congratulating our council members on their hard work over 2022! - Judith Elaine

Winter Coat drive

Start collecting over the holidays and in January let’s collect Jackets, gently worn work clothes, donate to charities and foundations that service our vulnerable sector.

February is our council focus on mental health.

Our crew discussed - Hosting paint nights this coming year.

Aiden who does art and Jeff who focuses on music said that the paint nights are both fun and uplifting. People need this kind of engagement, it’s creative and colourful. Improved people's moods during the year.

Our environmental garden (garden club)

For earth day April 22 and earth hour which is last Saturday in March.

HYDAC council members decided to Plant wild flowers this year - Nourishing the soil for 2024.

  • Wild flower seeds from Mrs Boers

  • Oakville Public Library

This year our crew is focused on issues of accessibility and inclusion. Our council acts in an advisory capacity to community groups and municipal events where our group reside or participate in. They Ask to be part of the decision making process and offer experience and authority as a council of diverse set of people with different abilities and skills. What a great way to inspire us to be Future ready!!


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