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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - January 2023

Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council meeting was on Monday, 23rd evening at 7:00pm.

Ice breaker was what have you been up to and the crew had lots to share. ​Our crew took a moment to review our successes in 2022 and also a few ideas we had for this upcoming year.

Acceptance, equity, compassion, kindness. Always in the community, volunteering, creating positive change and a sense of belonging. Community engagement. Raising funds, raising awareness, and dedication were also on the list.

What would you like to achieve this year 2023

The goals and resolutions in our crew are just mind blowing. We had objectives like, complete writing a book and publishing, recording an album after creating the last song, travelling, finishing school, getting a drivers licence. Truly inspiring to see our youth and young adults so motivated to achieve.

Community discussion

This section is open to talking about things that bother you, inspire you, motivate change. Safety was first on the table. Halton Crime rate has risen and this really bothered our crew, lots of ideas on keeping doors locked. Securing cars at night. Going out in pairs rather than alone.

Food insecurity was next on the list

In the news, we read that food banks are facing massive increases in demand since the covid-19 pandemic. Many families are struggling. The council discussion was centred around our community garden. Creating an online discussion event around creating vegetable, herb gardens at home? Regrowing vegetables. And Inspiring recipes with chef Logan.

Dance Party for 2023

Yes. The crew are ready to get everyone up and moving.

Loneliness / suicide

Numbers are on the rise and our HYDAC crew are passionate to try and create opportunities to shine the light on creating opportunities to connect and belong.


  • Staying connected with friends and family

  • Make new connections. join groups. Be involved.

  • Try peer support. Great opportunities to talk about life.

  • Try something new. Hobbies. Sports. Community. Exercise.

  • Seeking help when needed. Resources.

  • Volunteer

  • Participation.

  1. Chat cafe/ game night (Getting community out. Games. Chatting. Hanging out. Connecting./Eco friendly event)

  2. paint /music night

  3. potluck event/indoor picnic

Success with these events have been amazing and the crew were thinking of hosting lots of events to bring community together. (Now to find space????)


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