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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - November 2022

HYDAC special guest Mr. Mike Cluett - community advocate and volunteer.

He is a great champion for acceptance, equity, compassion, kindness. Always in the community, helping out, creating positive change and helping families who are struggling with different issues. ​It’s rare to meet someone who does so much for so little and our HYDAC crew were able to talk to him about his mission and also ask questions.

“We are not defined by our roles in life, rather we are defined by our actions and words.” - Mike Cluett

Raising funds for different charities, raising awareness for community, volunteering all takes effort, time, and dedication. But we need to remember, what we invest into community always has a ripple effect, Mike explained. Kindness and equity is the key to unlocking belonging. - let’s talk about it. What have we accomplished over our summer months? Our HYDAC crew spoke about all their community projects, from art/music event to bring community together, volunteering at different organizations, and helping out in their communities. Lots of Ideas/opportunities for upcoming Winter season! Lastly on our list - community discussion. Last night’s concern was brought to the table by Zoe was the community pools cancelling swimming lessons and pool time because of a shortage of skilled staff and lifeguards. Mr Cluett encouraged Zoe to write a letter to the mayor and councillors addressing her concern, he encouraged her to add why the reasons why swimming is so important during the winter months and how this would affect kids, youth and adults in the community. Jeff spoke about the raising prices of Christmas trees - prices up $5-$10 this holiday season. Homicides, shootings, violence, thus world is very scary and Aiden discussed hosting another paint night for community, this time the focus would be on releasing negative emotions like hatred, anger, frustration, and jealousy, letting go of those pent up emotions would encourage acceptance and peace, Aiden explained. Paint night set on a Saturday to encourage everyone to participate, the whole family unit can throw their emotions onto the canvas!!!


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