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HYDAC First Meeting - October 2019

HYDAC - Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council’s first meeting.

What is HYDAC ?
HYDAC is a youth advisory group that is formed of young people between the ages of 14 - 29 years.

The youth advisory council will spend time each month identifying/developing opportunities to strengthen programs/services that will benefit and engage all youth with disabilities. As a group they learn to work together, how to run a meeting, how to listen, learn, deal with conflict and discuss all topics on the agenda.

The benefits of belonging to HYDAC are numerous, from leadership, and social / life skills, friendships, to a sense of belonging, confidence, independence, and learning, as well as building a sense of belonging in communities and society.

This month the group has already created one social group outing, this means they have voted and decided in what they will be doing collectively and ... they are planning their first fundraiser for the month of November.

The Oakville Public Library do have sensory toys, but the group noticed that there were no headphones for those with sensory sensitivities. So together they decided that they will raise funds to buy headphones for kids who want to visit the library.

The members of HYDAC are just getting started and already we are just so impressed at their determination to make a difference.


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