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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - October 2023

The HYDAC (Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council) October meeting on October 30, 2023, was a vibrant and heartwarming gathering of like-minded individuals committed to celebrating abilities and fostering an inclusive community. The meeting, attended by both HYDAC council members and parents, was an opportunity to reflect on the past year's accomplishments and plan for a brighter future.

The meeting started at 6:45 pm with a festive atmosphere. Attendees, including Nibras, Puneet, Jeffrey, Aiden, Logan, Jude, Roxanne, and Mary-Rose (who joined virtually via Zoom), dressed up for Halloween, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

A Year of Anticipation: One of the initial discussions revolved around the excitement of meeting in person after over a year of virtual meetings. Thanks to Marcus, a friend and ally of HYDAC, the group had a beautifully decorated auditorium with delightful decorations and treats, adding a personal touch to the gathering.

Sharing Success: At 6:48 pm, the HYDAC Success Report was shared with the parents in attendance. The report highlighted the achievements of the HYDAC council throughout the year, emphasizing the sense of community, support, and empowerment it provides to individuals of all abilities. Nibras and Aiden suggested disseminating the success report via email and the website, aiming to expand HYDAC's reach and involvement in the coming year.

Blooming in the Community Garden: At 6:55 pm, the group discussed the remarkable success of their community garden initiative. This year, they planted pollinators and collected seeds for the next planting season. Aiden proposed the idea of creating "seed bombs" for next year's planting, an exciting and eco-friendly approach.

Upcoming Celebrations: At 7:00 pm, the members were eager to discuss the holiday celebration for the community, though the date was yet to be determined. The HYDAC council is determined to celebrate abilities and inclusion with a music club performance, games, and dancing. Finding a suitable venue for an in-person gathering is their top priority. The unanimous vote in favor of this idea showcased the enthusiasm and spirit of the group.

Addressing Community Issues: The meeting also delved into the significance of staying connected during the holiday season, especially for individuals who may be feeling isolated. Mary-Rose expressed her thoughts on the importance of belonging, and Aiden and Jeffrey encouraged her to join the Super Ability Crew Coffee Chat, a morning gathering at 9:30 am aimed at promoting positivity and connectivity.


The HYDAC (Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council) October meeting was not just about business; it was about celebrating accomplishments, spreading joy, and reinforcing the sense of community. This inclusive and empowered group looks forward to an exciting year ahead, filled with more success stories and a commitment to promoting abilities and inclusion.

As the meeting adjourned at 7:28 pm, it left everyone with a sense of anticipation, camaraderie, and the spirit of making a positive difference in the community.


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