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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - February 2024

Held virtually, bringing youth and adults of all abilities together. 

Meeting will open at 6:50 and HYDAC members connected and shared what they have been up-to. Chatting and discussing about things that have been happening in their lives.

7:00 pm - Icebreaker -  a fun game of what emotion are you feeling? 

7:10pm - David Suzuki - Butterflyway Ranger 

-crew become part of the Green highway across Canada

Talking about environment. The importance of pollinators in our world and how the council members are prepping their own gardens to help build the green highway. All members signing up. 

Update on the community garden that is starting in May 

7:30pm -  Lacrossing Barriers 

Is a group dedicated to providing opportunities to play sport, move and learn skills to those in marginalized communities who haven't always been given a choice.

LACROSSE: Burlington/Milton Feb 13, 20, 27 Mar 5, 12, 19, 26 Apr 8, 15, 24 

Cost - $30 

Locations and start times vary. 

7:50pm  - community discussion. What would you like to bring to the table? Anything you have noticed in the community, anything bothering you? Issues and concerns. 

Let’s discuss.

Jude - it’s about environment - the earth warming and the effects globally. Even something as a childhood opportunity to go sledding did not happen this winter because of no snow. Flooding, storms, volcanoes around the world are all pointing to us all working together to make a difference in our world. 

Mary Rose - Networking communities to help each other, offer support and comfort when needed. Also talking about connecting to new arrivals in community to make them feel settled and give a sense of belonging. 

Puneet - being friends is important. Let’s try to create more friendships, connecting people. 

Kevin - More employment opportunities for all abilities. What can we do as a community to help businesses with the transition of employees into the workforce? 

What about training centres that are more inclusive? 

Longer training for those that need it. 

8:00pm end of meeting. 


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