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HYDAC Meeting - April 2019

Last night our Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council crew were divided into various groups, attending functions, learning new things and of course at our meeting at Central Library in Oakville.

Ideas were plenty, from picking up litter for Earth Day, social events, cleaning waterways, hosting a fundraiser, and an openness to learning new things.

The crew explored - 3D printing. Did you know that there is a free website called Tinker cat .com that has designs for free and let me tell you there are lots of great ideas. Rachel from the Oakville Central Library took time to explain to our HYDAC members of all the possibilities in 3d0printing world.

Earth day - April 22

Our HYDAC crew discussed the importance of keeping our world litter free. Being more aware of waste and litter. The difficulties of plastic and non biodegradable product waste in our world is something that each member voted is a priority. Each will take responsibility to clean their environment and we will post pictures.

Seed library.

Did you know that our Libraries have seeds to share. Planting vegetables 🌽🍅 is an educational project that provides customers with the opportunity to grow their own plants, harvest their own food, and participate in a community-wide sharing initiative. The communal Seed Library offers a wide selection of seeds, which library customers can “borrow” free of charge.

This got our crew thinking and they put it on next month’s agenda. Planting, growing, harvesting, eating healthy is the message.

Visiting the transportation depot.

Next month our HYDAC members have the opportunity to visit the Oakville Transportation Depot and learn about bus routes, bus schedules, understand rules, regulations, meet bus drivers, and ask lots and lots of questions. Independence is our goal and transit is a part of this objective


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