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HYDAC Meeting - August 2019

You will never guess who our special guest was at our HYDAC Council meeting last night.

MPP Pam Damoff came to meet our youth council, listen and learn about some of the issues our young people are facing in their everyday lives and within their communities. Finding employment, education options after graduatio

n, the sense of belonging, and housing were in the top of the agenda and the questions and statements our young council members posed were brilliant. These concerns and challenges are vital to overall well being and happiness on all levels, and it has an effect many youth and adults. To many of the parents who attended the meeting, MPP Pam Damoff is a trusted voice that they have known for years. They have seen her in the community, working with different groups, voicing her concerns and finding solutions. We would like to thank her for taking time to meet with our youth and talking to our families. Truly this HYDAC meeting was a relationship building evening, an opportunity to build awareness and as a member of parliament we know that our representative MPP Pam Dumhoff will be our communities voice. “MPP Pam Dumhoff has a deep connection within the community and honestly listened and understood the impact our youth are experiencing. That was what we as parents needed to see firsthand.” - Mary Rose “Environment is important to many of our youth and I enjoyed listening to our youth interact with our MPP Pam Dumhoff over various topics.” - Jaqueline


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