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HYDAC Meeting - December 2018

Daniel and Kate from Halton Social Capital Committee were our HYDAC youth advocacy group’s first guests of the evening.

I have to tell you that our council loved their positive vibe. There was lots of chatting and questions, laughter and learning for everyone.

All people should meet them. Daniel is such a funny guy. He gets it. - Mateo
I like the way the said everyone needs to belong. I want the world to be a place where everyone is treated fairly.’ - Sierra
Can we ask them to come again? -Tiegan.

We need more groups like this in our world. The HSCC methodology is - they believe that individuals with developmental disabilities should experience a sense of belonging everywhere they go. They advocate and educate and we all agree 100% that we need more people in our world who will advocate for our amazing community. So please take a moment and check them out.

Jenny and Heather From The Oakville Public Library were second on our agenda from the December monthly HYDAC meeting. Have you heard about the the CDN Equitable Library program called CELA - reading materials for people with print disabilities. The library offers books online that are modified to help community with dyslexia, sight, reading, focus, etc. And it’s all FREE!!!

All you need to do if you want more information, is contact the library for more information. Ask for Jenny North. Next, Magnus Cards. Creating a world with more support for independent living. Lots of life skills adventures like visiting the library, taking transport, dental care, going to the airport. Absolutely brilliant APP and it’s free. Well done - HYDAC Council. You are a motivated and dedicated group with lots of initiatives to share with the disability community.


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