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HYDAC Meeting - December 2019

Last night our youth council reminded me that this was the last meeting of the year. January 2020 we start fresh. But let’s recount what this amazing Milton crew has accomplished in the few months they have been together.

Raising funds and awareness for families with sensory needs - Milton libraries would host sensory boxes filled with tools that will help calm or stimulate learning. Fundraising for a worthy cause was first on the list and our council members decided on creating variety card packs that they would sell to raise money.

The Oakville HYDAC crew helped sell as well and so far they have raised over 200 dollars.

Building the bridge, filling the age gap with Milton seniors through two programs, one is a pen pal program that is hosted by Milton libraries and two was the acknowledgment that loneliness during the holidays affected our senior population. They decided to send 150 hand made cards with holiday messages to the seniors from Birkdale Senior Centre. Good cheer and happiness!

Transit is another important topic for our Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council members. Being able to get from point A - Z with no stress or hassle. So setting up a meeting with transit Manager, Tony D'Alessandro, MEDes, MCIP, RPP and talking seriously about buses, cost to community, service dogs, visual aids, etc was imperative.

The great news is next year our crew will have a chance to work directly with Transit Milton.

Environment was another hot topic and our members spoke about trees, creating litter less societies, helping clear plastics and litter from environments etc. 2020 HYDAC will play a greater role and implement a few of their ideas.

We are so proud of their progress and hard work. -Judith Elaine, and Lisa Portelli


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