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HYDAC Meeting - January 2019

Last night was our first meeting of the new year for HYDAC - Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council. First guests of the evening were from the Town of Oakville – Julie Mitchell, senior manager recreation, planning and development and Nabeel Rahman, community development specialist.

"I liked both of them. They had lots of information on programs for kids and I get to go if I want.” - Teigan.

Together, these two amazing Town of Oakville representatives offered lots of helpful information. Our HYDAC team celebrated hearing about all the inclusive activities in the town of Oakville. They spoke about how they are constantly working towards inclusive programming. Their goal is lots of youth offerings for all abilities. “I think Julie Mitchell is very knowledgeable. When I asked her about service dogs in Oakville. She said they are important to the community in Oakville, and welcomed everywhere. This makes me so happy.” Sierra said after the meeting.

HYDAC as a group had the opportunity to learn more about what is offered in local community centres and what is new and upcoming for our whole community.

“Sewing classes, and art clubs are my suggestion,” says Natalie.

Listening, interacting, adding opinions is a part of the HYDAC meeting and it was wonderful to see each member participating.

“Being accepted is important to all of us.” Curtis says it as it is. “Everyone has a place in the community.”

*Did you know that there is FREE outdoor skating at Trafalgar Park Community Centre From 9:00am - 10:00pm. (Skate and helmet rentals are also available at Trafalgar Park Community Centre for a fee)

*Did you know the Notinghill Youth centre in Oakville is inclusive and welcoming to all young people. The Centre offers programming for high school students from 6 to 8 p.m., Monday to Thursday. All ages are still welcome before 6 p.m. and on weekends.

In closing Aiden Lee From HYDAC has something really important to say.

“We need to participate more. As a young person in the Halton community, I think that we need to keep trying over and over. Get out and join programs. Get involved. Don’t ever feel you cannot go. Let’s all try visit these youth centres in our communities, give them a chance to get to know us and love us for being unique and special.”


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