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HYDAC Meeting - July 2019

July 10th our Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council - HYDAC met at the Milton Public Library for their first community meeting. This New library offers more youth the opportunity to participate, and helps those with transportation issues.

Ms. Lisa Portelli - Adult and Youth Services Librarian at the Milton Public Library was our guest last night. Our council members all thought she was pretty amazing, with lots and lots of information to share. We went on a behind the scenes tour of the library, learning about cataloguing, restocking, packing, putting books on hold and re-shelving. ​

Next on the agenda was fundraising and our council voted to raise funds and awareness for sensory toys for the library. This will help those families who are looking for sensory options as well as make the library experience a positive one.

  • Clean up. Environment is important to our Youth council and each month our crew voted that they will reduce the garbage impact around the library, picking up garbage and making a world of difference.

  • bridging the generation gap was next on the list. This is where our Milton group discussed the importance of working on relationships with seniors. The importance of overcoming difference of opinions between one generation and another.

  • Ideas like, joining the library’s pen pal program, inviting senior groups to come in and share their stories, shared community events were all discussed.

  • Awareness. How do we continue building an understanding, acceptance and awareness in the town of Milton, was the discussion? ​

All our council members are advocates for people with disabilities. They believe that they can build a foundation of awareness that will foster change in our community and society as a whole. It is wonderful to be surrounded by such positive individuals. Together they are going forge positive change, of that I am sure -Judith Elaine


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