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HYDAC Meeting - May 2019

Our Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council had the opportunity to listen to Mr. Barry Cole - Director, Oakville Transit learn about how the system works, go on a tour of the beautiful facility in Oakville as well as be a driver on a simulator bus.

Learning about the transit system is vital to our youth and young adults in all our communities and better yet are those that will ask questions, build relationships, make needed changes, support and fight for rights of others.

As a youth council, our HYDAC crew were interested in how the transit system was run. What issues there were and how they were dealt with. Who could get on the bus? What if you forgot how to get home? Did you know that there is a giant command centre, with large screens that watch the buses in their routes all day and night. Everything is monitored and if there is a problem, emergency crews are dispatched immediately. So it’s safe.

Important note: So if you are ever lost. Look for a bus. Speak to the driver and they will get you the help you need.

This was honestly an immaculate facility, with giant bus depot and repair garage. Natalie remarked on how clean everything was. “It’s so spotless.” She said.

After learning lots, the crew went on a tour and saw a gym, first aid room, simulator training room, cafeteria, training rooms, the giant board room where they have important meetings. The control room and best of all they got to sit in the chair in the director’s office.

For many our bus system it is a mode of transportation that is most vital and the HYDAC crew have just given it a huge stamp of approval.

On top of that our HYDAC members say that Mr. Barry Cole is the best man for the job.

Why you ask?

“Because he cares about us and making buses and bus stops 100% accessible in Oakville.” Sierra says.

​“He understands our community because his son is a part of our community.” “And overall he is a really nice guy.” Aiden says.


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