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HYDAC Meeting - February 2020

Last night the Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council meeting was in Milton. First on the agenda was..... you guessed it. The upcoming ‘Happy Valentine’s Dance’ on February 13th in Milton.

Our HYDAC councillors are so proud of their first community initiative in Milton. They hope to encourage all youth and adults in the community to come out and meet each other on the dance floor. DJ James and Simon are spinning the hits for everyone to dance too, as well the council members have even organized a soothing space for those that need a quiet zone to help themselves regulate.

This dance is to encourage not only community partnerships, by working closely with the Milton Public library, but also to develop organization skills, positive team work, confidence, acceptance and inclusivity.

What a fantastic social opportunity for all our youth and adults!!!

Next on the agenda was the upcoming ‘Artability Showcase’ at the Milton Library

This is a special art exhibition showcasing written, visual, and performance art by Milton’s neurodiverse youth community and HYDAC members. The event will feature the artwork of all HYDAC members!!!

Art and poetry exhibition is open ‪ 2020‬ at Milton Main Library from April 3-9,

Dance performance by Dance Ability Movement as well as performance art on Sat, Apr 4‬ 1:30pm‬

Last on the agenda was Global concerns and community issues. This is an important part of the meeting as it gives the council a chance to discuss concerns and members spent a few minutes discussing environment, protection of nature, animals and plants - the importance of trees and conservation is Hugh in their list.


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