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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - February 2021

Last night was the virtual HYDAC - Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council meeting.

We had a great turn out and it was wonderful seeing everyone laughing and smiling as they played the first social game of the evening - whose birthday is closest to yours? This is a wonderful ice breaker game that not only encourages members to ask questions, but also encourages memory.

First up was youth council member Aiden, who addressed the importance of Ocean, lake and water way protection. What can we do to make a difference in our environment. “We can all help to protect our environment.” Aiden reminds us.

  1. Use plastic-free alternatives. The oceans as lakes and rivers face a massive and growing threat from plastics.

  2. Reduce your carbon footprint.

  3. Avoid ocean-harming products. (Read the labels)

  4. Eat sustainable seafood.

  5. Vote on environment issues.

  6. Participate in community cleanups.

  7. Leave nothing behind.

Sierra addressed a local community concern. Group-home residents’ are at risk. “Many are suffering from loneliness and are vulnerable. Because they live with housemates and work with staff they haven’t chosen, group-home residents aren’t able to protect themselves from the coronavirus as well as people living in their own homes or apartments can. We need to keep this in mind.” What can we do? Ideas like. Writing to our local representatives, keep the conversation open. Encourage virtual connections. Do what we can to help. Maddie spoke about our elderly, encouraging our crews to keep connecting. Do what you can. Write, send cards. Phone your grandma, FaceTime. Send mail. Did you buy a pet during Covid? This was another important community concern and Mary Rose brought it to the table. Animal rescues are worried that they are going to need more help than ever once coronavirus restrictions are lifted and people start going back to work. What will happen to all those pets? This conversation got the council members talking about the importance of responsibility. “When you get a pet, remember it’s a real living being that needs your dedication. Looking after it is not just for when you need it,” says Connor.

Another successful council meeting. Well done crew! - Judith Elaine


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