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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - January 2021

Last night was the first Virtual meeting of 2021 and it was wonderful to see friends all joined together to share ideas. Speak truth. Learn something new.

Poems of introduction was first on our meeting list and it was a chance to start the meeting off with a little bit of humor, seriousness, a personal moment to express our fears and dreams, and talk about our goals. This was the perfect opportunity for everyone to get to know each other a little better.

Next, Ms Lisa took the floor with an update on the NEW sensory bins that will be available in all the Milton Public Library. The bins will includes items like squishy toys, wiggle cushion, bean bag, weighted frog, fidget objects, and ear defenders. The sensory bin will also be available to use at various children’s programs, open to the whole community. This is an exciting moment for the HYDAC team as all their hard work has paid off. Ms Lisa also helped the crew share ideas for short videos to help support the new sensory bins. ‘Loneliness ’ - as many are experiencing the lockdown, seclusion, isolation is having negative effects in our communities and our HYDAC crew put it on the meeting agenda.


*Creating online opportunities for community to interact and connect. *Reaching out to friends and families *Being kind and watching what you say (negative words last longer than you think) *Patience patience and more patience *Spread good news. Find something positive, sharing a little kindness and good news. *Compliment your friends, send a kind note *Be a mentor

Random Acts of Kindness challenge!!!! February 14-20th is actually dedicated to random acts of kindness. But our HYDAC crew want to encourage community to make kindness as natural as breathing, wherever or whatever you are doing. They are going to post ideas and motivations throughout the month, challenging others to follow the positive wave.

“No matter where you are or who you are with kindness is the key. To all these amazing young people, these future leaders of our community, we stand in support and in pride. You are each important and much needed in our world. Your inner kindness is what drives us forward. Thank you for being you.” ​- Judith Elaine
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