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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - March 2023

Starting off our meeting with info of the spring equinox our Youth council spoke about all the positive changes that this season offers.

“Let’s be positive is the message!”

  1. Clothing drop off on Saturday March 25, to Safety Net Charities. This is the most exciting event for our crew as they have worked very hard to collect clothing for this wonderful charity.

  2. Community Dance hosted by the Super Abilities Crew on Thursday March 30th. Nibras is our host for this fun event and the council is so excited to meet new and old friends, have fun as a community.

Community concerns

(Roxanne)- gun violence, fear, domestic violence. These concerns affect our whole community and the council discussed reaching out to MP’s.

(Jude) TTC - Subways. The news lately includes lots of aggression, anger, frustration. People being pushed onto tracks.

(Puneet) Mental health support. More support opportunities are needed, and open conversations with youth and younger people.

(Aiden) coming up with a solution. What about hosting another community paint night Online - so it is more inclusive and encourages everyone from anywhere to take a moment to just relax and paint.

The focus of council to bring community together,

  • To heal and encourage love

  • Create more conversations and awareness opportunities

  • To unite and create a sense of belonging


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