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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - May 2021

What was something kind you saw someone do lately— big or small? Of everything, we all want to experience kindness and we acknowledge that being kind often requires courage and strength. Going through something negative with the support of kindness and compassion makes a huge difference in our healing. Whether it’s a work, outside, at home, or online we understand the importance of people being kind to people, animals, insects and our planet.

Did you know? Science has even shown numerous health benefits including an improved immune system, decreased stress levels, feelings of purpose and a sense of connectedness. Most research on the science behind why kindness makes us feel better has centered around oxytocin. Check out these sites for more information.



As you guessed it the theme of this month’s HYDAC - RESPECT & KINDNESS! Ideas our crew had lots of ideas and stories to share. How to be positive when people are negative. How to survive. Letting go of past hurt. Making new friends. Walking away. Being kind is to open your eyes and be active when you see people, animals or plants in need. Taking time to listen, participate, participating in random acts of kindness and daily mindfulness. We can still be kind even on our bad days. Feelings are fragile and everyone has a story. Books, podcasts and videos - ms Lisa had a wonderful assortment of literature to support all the elements of kindness, empathy, acceptance, and respect. ‘The library has many options’, she said, encouraging our council to investigate. Kindness and respect to all animals. Our HYDAC crew love all animals big and small and the thought of anyone being unkind to an animal was not unacceptable. Kindness and the earth We all belong in this planet as it is home to every living being, including humans and talking about ways the council can continue making positive differences and encourage everyone to just stop and appreciate what’s around them. “Taking care of Earth is a 365 day a year job.” Says Aiden. “So let’s keep doing good.”


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