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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - November 2020

HYDAC presented at Job Club this Monday and it was a total success!

For those that do not know of Autism Job Club - please check them out here and learn a little more about this peer 2 peer employment program. ​Our HYDAC council presenters for the evening were Nibras. Kevin. Jeffery and Aiden.

Each offered a 5 minute talk on building awareness. Finding our voice. Advocating and connecting. The empowerment to have a voice, to influence, to encourage participation, build awareness and acceptance. We were so proud to see our council members present with such flair. They were organized, professional and interesting. Everyone loved each minute of each presentation. Nibras tackled equal opportunities in employment. The right to get paid for work. Conflict and resolution. Kevin empowered Job club members with his talk about advocacy. Supporting one another. Jeffery shared his passion for music and healing. Teaching us all that music heals the soul and brings us together as a community. Aiden spoke about connection. The importance of participation. To try.. “You can do anything if you try” was the message. Contributing to community programs, groups, activities, classrooms is not a waste of time and there are many reasons everyone should get involved. You matter. Your opinion is valued. You are important.

HYDAC - Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council is made up of a group of young people of all abilities, between the ages of 14 - 29. HYDAC believes that together you can make a difference in your communities and the Halton region. HYDAC's goal is to empower young people to have a voice, to influence, to encourage participation, build awareness and acceptance. Individually, you each have something important to offer and as a group we can learn and grow, creating positive change that will benefit everyone around.


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