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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - October 2020

This month is truly the time of fall with lots of exciting colourful changes in nature and all around us. It’s a reminder that we need to get our winter clothes ready for upcoming season. What to do with your old clothes.

  • A reminder that as the weather cools down there are so many people who do not have warm clothes to wear.​

  • Donating jackets, gloves, hats that don’t fit or are not your favourite was a part of the conversation.

On the schedule - continued learning. Inspiring the mind. Our HYDAC council are so proud to announce that iCAN classrooms are now hosted by the Milton library - these classes start on Wednesday, October 21st - (all ages and all abilities) What are we covering?

  • podcasting (animals and communication)

  • spooky story telling - what is Halloween?,

  • calligraphy is beautiful and lastly, let’s learn about the learn about memory project.

Wednesday evening classrooms - 6:00pm - 7:00pm Sign up here!

We love and support the YMCA leadership programs - Youth matters. We hope you will join in the fight for a better future. Have you signed the youth petition? Taking concerns directly to the political leaders. Opening the conversation. Action is a crucial component of change and our youth advisory council and this is one way you can help. Report from: Aiden, Jeffery and Anthony Talking to MP Pam Damhoff about employment for everyone - jobs , housing, residences, and medication. Covid 19 has been hard on families in our community. For many of our youth and adults employment has been the topic of concern. More jobs - better pay. Talking about community issues was last on the list. Have you noticed any, thought about any issues, including environmental concerns?

RESOURCES: ‘Loneliness ’ - our crew know this word is vital and are making sure everyone is connected. Creating opportunities for community to interact and connect.

  • Project Autism Online offers FREE programs, classrooms and activities for all ages and abilities.

  • Milton Public Library offers free programs.

  • Oakville Public Library


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