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HYDAC Virtual Meeting - September 2020

Wow it's September!

2 truths and lie - getting to know each other at the beginning of each of our Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council Meetings is part of our meeting format and tonight it was so much fun playing this game. Suicide Prevention/Life protection was next on our HYDAC - Halton Youth Disability Advisory Council schedule. We want to bring awareness and conversation to a topic that is not often talked about.

So our council invited Mr. Marcus Logan the manager of community development and engagement for the Oakville Public Library. He has been teaching youth like us all about suicide prevention and the importance of protection of life. Tonight, he talked about how we as youth leaders can keep building full lives, encouraging our peers, friends to connect. We need a sense of belonging and a sense of kinship and if we keep doing what we are doing we will keep making a difference. Such a great guy.

Let’s keep the conversation going was his message. We are all connected.

Ms.Lisa from the Milton Public Library was next on our schedule. She is our positive beacon of information, inspiration and guidance. Always coming up with brilliant ideas to motivate our young minds. Learning sign language. Learning a new language. Coding. Resume writing/getting a job, cooking- something delicious, what’s an apiary? are some of the ideas our crews collected for the ‘keep on learning program’ that we are creating with Ms Lisa and Ms. Judith. ‘Winter is going to be so much fun!’ Says Jeffery. Ms Lisa told us that the new apiaries are doing well at the Milton library and we cannot wait till next spring to check them out in person. Last on our list was discovering more about the upcoming fall equinox /solstice On September 22, 2020. This is when the day and night will be almost equal in most locations. It’s a time when People around the world greet the change of seasons in the fall with unique celebrations. Here are some examples. CHINA – MOON FESTIVAL JAPAN – OHIGAN MABON LITHUANIA – BALTIC UNITY DAY HYDAC is an inclusive youth where everyone can belong. So think about joining us. Send us a note at


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